First flight on the new Phi Symphonia and first impressions are very positive. I’ll be writing a full report when I have flown it a few more times in different conditions.

If you would like a test fly of this glider or any of the Phi/777 wings just get in touch.

Another successful week in Greece has come to an end. We flew everyday from small hills to giant mountains. The students completed most of their CP tasks, just some U.K. conversion training to complete their CP. Well done everyone it really has been a pleasure to teach you all this week.

Lee, Dave and Richard

We have just returned from a quick, fantastic trip to Slovenia where we met the team at 777 Paragliders. The purpose of the visit was to re-acquaint ourselves with the team and to get fully up to speed with the new wing development for the 2018 season.

There is a lot going on at the moment with the Queen 2, the MS size is already certified with the other sizes expected to be certified very soon. There will also be a Queen Light (Q light) available in all sizes and certified. We saw the early prototype of the new King and heard all about the extensive efforts that go into the design, build and certification of each size of a new wing. Weather is a big factor as they fly many times a day, tweaking designs and testing. A recent spell of bad weather has therefore hampered progress and been very frustrating.

While we were there we were lucky enough to have flyable weather so Fi and I took advantage of this and demonstrated the 777 Knight ( low ENB), I flew the standard version and Fi flew the lightweight K Light. Here are her thoughts:

Standing on the Lijak take off I remembered Lee’s advice – only ever change one thing at once. We popped over to meet the Valic brothers, Slovenia’s incredibly talented yet modest Paraglider designers in their tiny studio in southern Slovenia. We stupidly hadn’t packed a single piece of flying kit, let alone any warm clothing and it was a great (nice) surprise when the team invited us to come flying with them. How could we refuse?

Here I was on a muddy, slippy launch with a new wing, borrowed harness, borrowed helmet (too large), borrowed sunglasses (too large), borrowed gloves (enormous and 2 right hands), jeans and smooth-soled, suede jodhpur boots with 4 of the best pilots in the world testing prototype wings with bits of string and tape all over them and Lee saying, “Don’t f**k up the take-off Fi”! Seconds later I was in the air on the nicest, lightest, prettiest wing climbing up to 1000′ above take-off…in March! The Knight Light is delightful, peachy to launch, easy to turn, polite and smooth in the bumpy bits and quick on the speed bar. It was great to turn tightly and confidently into sharp little thermals and climbed really well. It really didn’t want to come out of the sky but I was freezing cold so deployed big ears and found it lovely to weight shift round and round and perfect to glide in to land. I’d have one like a shot except I have a lovely Rook2 at home.

As well as the Knight Light ENB, Triple Seven have a Queen Light (Q Light) ENC for more experienced pilots and both Lights, at 20% lighter than standard, are super options for pilots wanting the same excellent performance and durability in lightweight form.

The 2018 tour of Colombia has come to an end. This is was by far the most successful trip to date. We flew everyday and all pilots achieved personal bests. Dates for next year will be on the website in a few days. We already have dates for our trips to Greece and Slovenia for 2018 they are under the training abroad tab on the website. Why not join us on one of these.

I’ll be back to training EP/CP students and flying Tandems from Tuesday 13th February. See you all then. Lee

We have come to the end of another fantastic trip to stunning Colombia. We flew every day with everyone achieving personal bests. Full story coming soon.

In two days we will be of to sunny Colombia, we will post here of our adventures with a completely new group this year. Looking forward to lazy thermals, blue skies and cold beer. See you on our return.

We managed to find some trainable weather this morning. Congratulations to Nic Welford on completion of your practical club pilot qualification. He managed six soaring flights with top and side landings.
Well done buddy, see you out on the hill very soon.

After a day relaxing and getting kit prepped yesterday, we took a trip up to the mountain this morning for a shakedown flight.

The plan was for some local thermalling, landing back of the accommodation after we were happy with the tracking system and general equipment set-up. After taking off into a good looking sky, we cruised around just to shake out the rust, base was at just over 8000ft which allowed us to fly out into the flatlands and explore the area with the vultures for a couple of hours before returning to land. I landed at base, then got Dave to land out so we could check the accuracy of the tracking system which worked perfectly.

Tomorrow’s plan Is an out and return to Buga, as a final shakeout before the clients arrive.

We had another day of training CP students on the 7/7/16. The forecast was for strong conditions all day so only the CP students were called in. As I was busy with students Dave came in and took Tim on the tandem for a nice 35 min flight.

We spent most of the day ground handling but our patience was rewarded with some nice evening flying before the rain came at 6pm.

Congratulations to Tom for completing his EP and huge congratulations to Chris for completing his CP. Well done.